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Inauguration of the ix andalusian forum of the childhood 2/2

The agenda of Administrative Assistant of the Junta de Andalucía, prepares you for the legal part of this opposition. It is divided into 19 topics, of which we collect the first 10 in this volume.

The book is developed by Antonio Pozo, with extensive experience in the training sector and more specifically in this type of preparation. He is endorsed by the results obtained by his students and their degree of satisfaction.

Topic 2. Territorial organization of the State and the Autonomous Communities. Constitutional basis. The Statutes of Autonomy. Delimitation of the functions and competences of the State and the Autonomous Communities. Local Administration: Typology of Local Bodies.

The Autonomous Community of Andalusia: Historical and cultural background. The Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia: Foundation, structure and basic content. Powers of the Autonomous Community. Reform of the Statute.

Institutional Organization of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The Parliament of Andalusia. The President of the Junta de Andalucía and the Governing Council. The Judiciary in Andalusia. Other Institutions of self-government.

Andalusia initiates the process to declare the pilgrimage bic

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Inauguration of the seminar ‘odaliscas. from inges to picasso’.

On February 18, 2020 a meeting was held in Seville at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía to expose, present and explore ways of institutional collaboration for the future of Villavieja. At this meeting were present the counselor Ms. Patricia del Pozo Fernandez with the Secretary General of Cultural Heritage Ms. Maria Esperanza O’Neill Orueta, being represented the mayor of Algarinejo Mr. Jorge Sanchez Hidalgo and by the research team of the University of Granada Antonio Morgado and Jose Garzon Vicente. The willingness of the parties involved allows us to harbor a promising future for research, enhancement and dissemination of the site of Villavieja.

The visibility of the archaeological site of Villavieja continues to grow. Villavieja is already in Wikipedia with its corresponding entry. It provides a summary of its main characteristics and the results of the first archaeological interventions, as well as the milestones of its occupation and the values that make it stand out from other sites of the same chronology.

Trafalgar archaeological site

There are many months of preparation involved in a competitive examination; the effort to pass an exam that opens the doors to the working world is only known to those who have suffered it. The birth of a new life was not going to become an impediment to a mother’s future and with it, the future of her own child.

«I was very nervous, with my hormones shot and with pains in my belly, as well as tired, but I came out of both exams very happy,» said Natalia. Her case has been somewhat exceptional in the province and although at first it seemed that it was not going to be possible to take the exam, finally everything went better than ever.

«I was expecting the baby on the 26th and when I went into labor last Friday I was already giving the exam up for lost,» Natalia stated. However, her teacher at the CPO Academy, Antonio Pozo Martín, became her guardian angel when, upon learning of Natalia’s situation, he pulled out all the stops so that she could take the exam.