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toma la pelota, pasa la pelota

Take The Ball Pass The Ball es una película documental española de 2018, estrenada el 9 de noviembre de 2018 y dirigida por Duncan McMath. La película se centra principalmente en el éxito del FC Barcelona bajo el mando de Pep Guardiola desde 2008 hasta 2012, donde el equipo ganó un total de 14 trofeos[1] La película está basada en el libro Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World del periodista de fútbol Graham Hunter[2].

La película documenta el triunfo del Barcelona en la Liga de Campeones 2010-11, la intensa rivalidad con el Real Madrid y el entonces entrenador José Mourinho, el regreso de Eric Abidal tras un cáncer para volver a jugar al fútbol, la influencia de Johan Cryuff en el Barcelona y su estilo de juego, donde el club ganó su primer trofeo europeo, la formación de Lionel Messi, los días bajo el mando de Frank Rijkaard y el nombramiento de Pep Guardiola como entrenador, y la última temporada bajo el mando de Guardiola, cuando anunció su salida del club. El documental finaliza con una entrevista a Guardiola, que da su opinión sobre sus cuatro años en el Barcelona.

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We interviewed director Duncan McMath, about the documentary Take the ball and pass it a look at the golden era of Barcelona F.C., in the voice of its own players: Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and even Pep Guardiola.

One of my colleagues, Graham Hunter wrote a book about how Barça («The making of the greatest team in the world») became the best team in the world. I read it during my honeymoon vacation, every page seemed like a great document, so I decided to dig deeper and conduct interviews with the players.

At first we were not convinced that it could be done, but as more people joined in, we got to talk to each of the players. It was a lot of fun and it all came out of that book.

As you know working with soccer players is not easy. They have very busy schedules and there are at least 300 people who also want to interview them. Luckily, since we have a good relationship with Barcelona, we got the contact thanks to one of my colleagues.

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For many soccer fans around the world, one of the best teams in the history of the sport is Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, which imposed a style of play dominated by the touch of the ball and possession of the ball, something that in addition to spectacular provided a lot of titles, which caused the euphoria of the fans.

It is because of this that The Guardian made a documentary about that successful Barcelona, which will relive some of the best moments of that time with interviews with the protagonists, players like Messi, Xavi, Henry, Iniesta, even Guardiola himself, where they will tell experiences that were not known and explain some of the causes of the success of that team.

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Being a ball retriever was not my main quality, but I was intuitive and I had positional sense. I recovered balls because the team was pressing very high and if you know how to interpret the action… It’s clear that my virtues were not defensive, but to create play, to think before receiving, how to attack… that’s what Cruyff said. I have spent my life thinking. I am the son of Cruyffism and I am very proud of it. I am the son of a technical way of playing, of understanding the game. You play with your feet and think with your head. I represent neither strength nor fury nor aggressiveness, but understanding.

It is difficult to be more physical. What you can train more is talent, because less and less quality things happen on a field. In the end, talent makes the difference. In the physical aspect, everyone prepares more or less the same. But talent, the understanding of the game, can always be improved.

Sometimes the result can be so unfair…. You play a great game, you lose 1-0 and they talk about failure. We all play to get results, all of us. But you have to analyze a little further. Coaches have been fired for an unfair defeat. Man, wait a bit… In that matter we would talk about how the leaders decide, the influence of the fans, the pressure of the press…