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Dar de baja un coche desguaces la torre

Scrapping the crash

However, it seems that the accounts for this 2020 are coming out.  Francesco Mortara (photo below, taken during AUTO BILD’s visit), the CEO of IAG Auction, described the 5 auctions scheduled for the bankruptcy administration of Desguaces La Torre as a «resounding success», for having «exceeded the initial economic target by more than 25%».

But how much have the classics of Desguaces La Torre been sold for? There has been everything: although we do not have figures for all the lots, we have been able to know some interesting data. And of those that have not received bids, for example. Thus, the chilling Audi V8 of José María Aznar (offered for 50,000 euros as starting price) with which the then candidate for the presidency of the Government saved his life in 1995 after the attack perpetrated by ETA.

As you can see in this photo gallery that we made before the auction started, more than 200 vehicles -among cars, motorcycles, trucks, minibuses, tractors and carriages- were offered in July for different starting prices, in 56 lots of which 46 were awarded.

C.i.d.e. scrapyards

Deregistering a vehicle is a procedure that can save you a lot of headaches and give you more benefits than losses. If the vehicle is still registered in the system on January 1st, you will have to pay the circulation tax for that vehicle even if you deregister it that same day. In addition, the insurance cannot claim the payment of the premium of the policy when you deregister your car or vehicle.

In our scrapyard we will advise you on all the necessary documentation to deregister your vehicle. If you want to deregister your car permanently, you only need to fill out the deregistration form at the scrapyard, bring your ID card and the vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle in question. We will automatically deregister the car through the DGT and we will give you the certificate of destruction of the vehicle and the proof of the definitive deregistration of the DGT.  This way you don’t need to go to the Traffic Headquarters for anything.

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Desguaces san martín de la vega

No hay que confundir la baja de un vehículo con la notificación de baja de un vehículo. Cuando se hace una notificación de baja de un vehículo, esto significa que el vehículo se mantiene en el registro, pero que el vehículo no puede ser utilizado y por esta razón no es necesario pagar el impuesto de vehículos o tener un seguro de tráfico.

Además del desguace, una de las razones por las que se da de baja un vehículo puede ser porque se ha exportado o reconstruido. Tenga en cuenta que la baja se cuenta siempre a partir del día en que recibimos la solicitud, independientemente del motivo de la baja.

La baja de un vehículo se produce al entregarlo a un punto de recogida o a un desguace autorizado. Su municipio puede informarle sobre los puntos de recogida locales.  BIL Suecia (una organización de productores) también proporciona información sobre los puntos de recogida en su página web.

Los desguaces autorizados pueden encontrarse en las páginas amarillas de la guía telefónica (Gula sidorna) bajo el epígrafe «Desguace de automóviles» (bilskrot). También se puede obtener información sobre desguaces autorizados a través del sitio web de la Asociación Sueca de Recicladores de Automóviles (SBR).