Canciones de yo kai watch en español

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Canciones de yo kai watch en español

2:54yo-kai watch 3 opening theme song: japanese vs englishabdallahsmash026youtube – 6 dec 2018

And is that they want to put us to the Yo-Kai Watch as if it were the new sensation and fashion in our country, in the same way that it has been, and still is, in Japan where the third installment will be released in a few months.

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4:00all charming tribe soultimates in yokai watch 3 part 1eggo g bonesyoutube – 30 may 2019

Hello everyone, after a while of having seen the first 17 episodes of yo-kai watch that have been released so far in disney xd in latin america, I decided to give my opinion of its dubbing, a little of the series itself and if it’s worth watching in disney xd, the first point I’m going to say is about the voices of the characters in general, how was the performance of the dubbing actors in their characters? for me it was simply perfect, the voice of Dipper done by Alejandro Graue was very good in the character of Nathan «Nate» Adams, the voice of Mario de Candia in the character of Whisper, the voice of Luciana Falcón in Jibanyan and the voices of the other secondary or recurring characters that will be seen in the course of the episodes (my favorites are those of Komasan and Cantonio) fit very well in the characters and do not feel that they were out of place or that there were acting problems or anything like that.

I feel that they knew very well how to adapt their voices to the different characters of the series, as well as their personalities, tones of voice in respect to the different situations (whether comic or more serious) of the series and they simply know how to adapt and believe that they are that character, in this section they did it very well.

2:00tomnyan- every time he played his guitar- a r i b e r r r i e s -youtube – 25 jun 2018

After having given my opinion about the voices of the characters, their voice acting, a little bit about the adaptation and translation of the dialogues and the songs of the two openings and the ending, now I am going to review the handling of the adaptations, translations and/or localizations of the names of the yo-kai and their attacks in the dubbing of the series and if they respect the ones given by Nintendo of America and Level 5 in the video game distributed in our region.

But at least most of them still keep their way of writing as it should be but in the techniques begin to be seen some more serious flaws, because until the previous point it would be seen that marvista (the distributor of the series in Latin America) supervised very well the dubbing but at this point you can doubt because there were techniques such as the «angry paws» of Jibanyan that were called as «legs of fury» and «spiritar» was called «animar». … the good side is that «animate» started to be called «spiritar» as it should be from episode 4 but that does not mean that Jibanyan’s problem is still not solved until today…. hopefully that can be fixed soon.

0:16yokai watch u charming tribe songpikagameryoutube – 10 jul 2018

Through its official youtube channel, Dentsu Entertainment and Level-5 Inc. revealed a few hours ago the entrance theme for the United States of the anime Yo-kai Watch (Youkai Watch), opening that is titled «Gera Gera Po Song» and that we present to you below:

Peter Michail and Kathryn Lynn are the singers of this song that is nothing more than the English version of the first Japanese opening titled Geragerapou no Uta sung by King Cream Soda. Tomoki Kikuya and FRAME were in charge of the composition and arrangement of this English version while Mark Risley, David H. Steinberg and motsu were in charge of the lyrics.

Yo-kai Watch will premiere first in Canada through the Teletoon channel on Saturday, October 3, while 2 days later it will arrive in the United States through the Disney XD channel. In the case of Disney XD, the first episodes will be aired from Monday 5 to Friday 9 and then episodes will be aired every Monday.