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Konami made a pleasant surprise for gamers this Wednesday (04) by releasing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Android and iOS smartphones. For those unfamiliar, Symphony of the Night (SotN, for intimates) is one of the most famous games of the original PlayStation. With detailed graphics, a symphonic soundtrack and a story that tells the tale of a son’s (Alucard) revolt against his father’s (Dracula) fury, the game raised the bar for 2D games and profoundly changed the course of the Castlevania series.

After its success, subsequent games in the franchise were no longer just action titles (such as Super Castlevania IV on SNES and Castlevania: Bloodlines on Mega Drive) and began to incorporate exploration and role-playing elements, such as in Metroid, from Nintendo. With that, a new «genre» was used to describe similar games: «Metroidvania».

The Android version of Symphony of the Night is based on the variant for the Playstation Portable (PSP), released as part of the game Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles in 2007. Like it, it brings a new story translation and dialogue dubbing (notoriously bad in the PlayStation version), as well as two new playable characters: vampire hunter Richter Belmont and his protégé, Maria Renard.

Symphony of the night for mobile [android/iphone].

Castlevania: Advance Collection is another collection of value for the nostalgic, but it may also work very well to appease Castlevania in general, given the somewhat bleak outlook of the series at the moment. The current chapters are less «old» than those seen in previous collections, less seminal and distinctive from a historical standpoint but also more enjoyable as quasi-«current» titles, obviously considering their technological limitations. The assortment allows for a good variety of experiences, given the differences between the individual games ranging from the more classic and action tradition of the series to the various implementations of RPG elements seen below. To the good assortment must also be added the excellent recovery operation, which confirms the positive collaboration between Konami and M2: the ports are virtually identical to the originals with perfectly functional graphical adaptations, to which are added extra content and additional options that are applied right. tone. «documentary» to this collection.

Castlevania: symphony of the night

MEXICO CITY, March 24th – The symphonic version of La noche de los mayas, a piece created by Silvestre Revueltas in 1939 for the film of the same name by Chano Urueta, which after his death was recovered and adapted as a suite by the German composer and violinist Paul Hindemith, was recorded and published for the first time on compact disc.

About La noche de los mayas, Zambrano (1969) comments that it is a work by Silvestre Revueltas attributed to Paul Hindemith. «The complicated thing is that it is not a concert suite written by Silvestre, who composed it in 1939 for the film of the same name» directed by Chano Urueta, starring Arturo Córdova and Isabel Corona, and the support of photographer Gabriel Figueroa.

«It is worth remembering that Juan Trigos dealt a lot with the work of Revueltas, and even critically worked on the score of Sensemayá. So, without a doubt, his Concierto Hispano is a work that recounts the classical and popular inheritance that the guitar has in the Hispanic world, which adds to the orchestral tradition and becomes a recounting of the concertante tradition.

Castlevania symphony of the night xbox 360

In castlevania we have the possibility of using 2 characters (Alucard, Richter) and 3 in the Satur version (The last two including Maria) I recommend that you play the Satur version as it complements a little parts that do not come out in the Ps1 and that you will only see them with the Satur version.

In this great jewel we can see the unique interior of the lustful castle and we can advance through different levels an example of them would be the cathedral or the catacombs (In the castle you fight against Galamont flipped is very powerful) also has a myriad of weapons for Alucard rings, clothing and shields some are both to protect you and raise your defense and weapons ranging from the sword to the masses by the way the Shield Rod is very useful if you combine it with the original Alucar shiel not the reassembled and the strongest sword is the Crrisagrim and if you want to play with Belmont pass the game with a 170 percent and in the name of the game you call him Richter.

Anyway if you want to enjoy a nice time to distract yourself this is a jewel that can not miss in your game store. The only drawback that I could highlight is that almost at the end of the game Alucard is almost invincible is not that it is a cheat but rather it is because of so much power that manages to get our hero and Richter does not level up and you have to take care of your life because if you do not you will die very quickly.