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After a brief, but intense, tutorial aboard a prisoner ship, among whom we find ourselves, a real open-ended adventure begins. And we do not mean that we have a giant map at our disposal full of side quests «errand» but something much more intricate. The map is considerable and full of secrets, but the important thing is our ability to choose. Almost all the characters will talk to us and tell us their status (even the animals if we have selected the ability to understand them); some hide side tasks, others simply immerse us more in the atmosphere of the game and several can be recruited to form a group of four adventurers – each of which has its own plot and objectives.

At first this way of playing may «stun» us, but it won’t take long to enjoy it. As if it were a «book» RPG game along the lines of Rolemaster or AD&D, we have the possibility of interacting with objects in many different ways (and bearing in mind that they will react to our character’s characteristics). Our decisions will have consequences, especially if we are caught stealing, killing innocents or sneaking into a forbidden place, but it is always in our hand to choose when we want to play.

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Go to the noteAnalysis of PS4, Xbox One versions.Other analysis: PC, PC and PCAsJust as many Japanese RPGs have decided to expand their horizons on the PC market, there are also quite a few typical Western computer RPGs that are aiming for consoles. And if in 2015 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 received Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, there was no reason not to expect Divinity: Original Sin II on these same platforms.

It is not our intention to talk in this analysis in depth about Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition, since it was treated at the time. It is essentially the original game, but as announced, the final section has been completely renewed -new dialogues, more missions, characters and story- that make this part more frenetic and fun; it was, without a doubt, one of the weak points of the original. In addition, this rewrite has forced to change other sections, with new events, dialogues, difficulty balance and more changes in general. It also incorporates a new tutorial that is the best way to get to know the control and interface adapted to the pad.

Divinity original sin 2 review

Divinity: Original Sin II will be available on August 31 on Xbox One and PS4, and from the retail chain GAME have presented the Definitive Edition, which includes exclusive content for players. Its price is 54,95 €.

Divinity: Original Sin II will be available on PS4 and Xbox One on August 31. It is the sequel to the successful classic role-playing game, developed by Larian Studios. From Vandal we dedicated a review to its PC version that you can read here.Related Links:GAME

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In fact, at the very beginning we have the possibility of choosing our main character among a range of races: humans, elves, dwarves, lizard-men or the undead. This choice has serious repercussions on the events that take place during the adventure, after all, it is not the same to interact with a living being than with a dead one. Each of them also has its own characteristics, which make us face our missions in one way or another. Among the variety of races, we can also create our own protagonist, or instead, choose one of the six Origin characters that exist. These characters, called Origins, have their own past, name and objective to follow, unlike those already created, being the protagonists of the game’s story.

Entering Rivellon is to do so in a land full of secrets, where we can move and act in different ways with total freedom. From the possibility of defending a character over another enemy group that seeks to settle accounts with him, to change sides and assassinate the threatened. We can also consider how to approach the missions, which can be solved with a more peaceful and dialoguing posture, negotiating to get all our benefit.