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The fighter is a human job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Two soldier skills are required to access this craft. Fighters possess great attack and speed, but lack both defense and vitality. They can wear caps, suits and blades.

Ark Knight – Arithmetician – Astrologer – Celebrant – Cleric – Deathknight – Divine Knight – Dragonkin – Squire – Fell Knight – Game Hunter – Holy Knight – Netherseer – Nightblade – Princess – Rune Knight – Skyseer – Sorcerer – Sword Saint

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[3] Bangaa CraftsThese beings are characterized by being warriors with an infinite number of offensive attacks, some very powerful and others of long range. Although they can exercise a large number of trades (not as many as humans), their great disadvantage is the low mobility and evasion of most of their trades.Trades that can exercise:Warrior [GUE]It is a unit trained to use weapons with one and two hands, you could say that is a unit equivalent to the human soldier, saving the differences. It possesses offensive attack techniques mainly.Move: 4Jump: 2Weapon: Swords mainlyEvasion: 50Templar [TEM]It is a little valued unit, to which I personally have not given much protagonism. Its main techniques are magical and are used to increase the abilities of your allies.Move: 3Jump: 2Weapon: Spears mainlyEvasion: 40

[5] Moguri CraftsThese cute little animals that we have seen so many times in Final Fantasy return to this Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to play the role of one of the races that inhabit the world of Ivalice. The moguris are characterized by the characteristic that predominates in most of their professions: magic. They are able to control a great variety of spells. They are not very agile units with a few exceptions.Crafts that can exercise:Black Mage [NEG]A multiracial craft, the unit that masters this craft can make use of black magic to attack with the elements of the sea, lightning and fire. It has low mobility and evasion.Move: 3Jump: 2Weapon: StaffEvasion: 35Thief [LAD]Your best abilities are your high evasion (you are less likely to get hit than other units) and your stealing ability, which allows you to take items possessed by enemies, in addition to UD.Move: 4Jump: 3Weapon: Blades and daggers

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Returning to the monastery of Orbonne, you will meet your next mission; rescue the princess Princess Ovelia. Rad and Agrias two Knights will join you and later Agrias and Gafgarion, at this time you will not have Delita in your group.

At this point you will be able to access the Propositions system in the bar, through which you can earn a lot of money and JP if you manage to perform the tasks you are given. While your main team is performing its task, you can build another group for work levels in random battles.

Zirekile Falls. Here you will find Delita and Ovelia being attacked by Hokuten Knights. The Knights ask Gafgarion to join them and he accepts, this causes you to fight him and the Knights to save Ovelia.

After the battle, Delita returns to you and Ovelia. Ramza then decides to go to Castle Lionel. If you need any items or equipment, go to Dorter. For the next battle you should have an archer, a Black Chocobo and a Priest or Wizard. The Priest will be good for healing your team. When you are ready, head to Zaland Fort City.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[a] es un juego de rol táctico de 2003 desarrollado y publicado por Square (ahora Square Enix) para la Nintendo Game Boy Advance. El juego, un spin-off de la serie Final Fantasy, comparte varios rasgos con Final Fantasy Tactics de 1997, aunque no es una secuela directa. El jugador reúne un clan de personajes y controla sus acciones en campos de batalla de tipo cuadriculado. Los jugadores tienen libertad para decidir las clases, habilidades y estadísticas de sus personajes.

La historia del juego se centra en cuatro niños: Marche, Mewt, Ritz y Doned, que viven en un pequeño pueblo llamado Santa Ivalice. Los niños son transportados a un reino del mismo nombre que su pueblo, «Ivalice», tras descubrir un antiguo libro mágico. La historia se centra entonces en las hazañas de Marche, que intenta volver al mundo real mientras se enfrenta a la oposición de quienes le rodean.

Tactics Advance es uno de los primeros productos de la cooperación entre Square y Nintendo para la consola Game Boy Advance; fue desarrollado por el equipo de la empresa de juegos Quest Corporation. Tras su lanzamiento, se introdujeron productos con la temática de Tactics Advance. El juego fue recibido positivamente. Tiene una secuela, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift para la Nintendo DS.