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As difficult as it is to get an entire community to unite around the same idea, with the Kingdom Hearts saga there are two statements that virtually everyone embraces equally. The first is that the main games are must-have gems. The second is that its story is an unputdownable soap opera that seems to have been written after a night of partying and debauchery.

Our intention for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, also with the desire that more players can join it without fear of ending up completely lost two minutes after starting, is to create a brief summary in which we land the most influential concepts of the plot. So to speak, to know what it is, where it comes from and where Kingdom Hearts is going in less than 10 minutes. Ready? Here we go.

The name of the saga refers to Kingdom Hearts, a void/world/place where the hearts of all those who lose it end up and which enjoys unparalleled power. It was expected that sooner or later two sides would fight to try to control it, a battle known as the War of the Sword Keys. Precisely one of these weapons, the Sword Key X, is the one that ends the conflict, but it ends up shattered into 20 pieces (seven of light and 13 of darkness) and will become the key to everything that will follow.

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Kingdom Hearts: Order and games needed to understand the storyWant to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and don’t know where to start or which games you need to play to understand the storyline? We show you the order and which games you need.

Go to the guide indexIt is more than possible that, if you are playing Kingdom Hearts 3, you are not new to the saga. However, being able to tackle the entire story of the game can be a bit complicated. What’s more, you may think that by playing the main games you’ll already know enough, but that’s not the case.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the playable order of the games has nothing to do with the chronological order of the events of the story. Therefore, it is not recommended to play them in chronological order, but in the order in which they were released. The reason is as simple as it is complicated. As new games are released, many of the events that are narrated make the interpretation of previous events change completely.

In other words, if you play in chronological order, you will be spoiling yourself for plot twists in the following games, especially as far as Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II are concerned.

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There are less than two weeks left before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which could be the most anticipated game of 2019. Kingdom Hearts 3 marks the culmination of the franchise’s story, known as the Dark Seeker Saga or the Xehanort Saga.

So far, the story spans eleven different games and movies, with Kingdom Hearts 3 being the twelfth. In that sense there is a lot to take in, which means that to be fully prepared for Kingdom Hearts 3 it is best to start researching now.

For those who want to experience the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 first hand, Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4. With the collection you’ll get all the games and movie replacements for certain games. That said, with only two weeks until Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives, there’s little time left to play and try to understand all the titles that make up the Dark Seeker Saga.

Alternatively, there is plenty of fan-made content that recaps the events of Kingdom Hearts before Kingdom Hearts 3 begins. This «Kingdom Hearts Story Summary» video from Suggestive Gaming is an excellent choice, as it summarizes the entire story of the Kingdom Hearts franchise in just 30 minutes.

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Although in this guide / summary we will treat it chronologically, as it seems the best way to illustrate the story in full, we recommend that if you want to start in the saga you do it by playing them in order of release. This way it will be easier for you. All Kingdom Hearts games are important to a greater or lesser extent to the plot, so if we want to understand everything that takes place in the third installment, we can not overlook any.

The Master of Masters (MoM) was a Kingdom Hearts scholar and led the people of the city of Albaburg. He possessed an eye with the ability to see the future, and from it he created a Book of Prophecies detailing all the events to come, which would lead to the Sword Key War. After this, the Master gave a copy of the book to five of his six apprentices, called Augures, warning them that this War will be impossible to avoid, since the Book of Prophecies is never wrong, and therefore, they should not focus on solving the war, but on what would come after it, thus entrusting each of them with a mission: