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On the subject of controls and such, it is the same as the previous game, only in this one, we are given the «Magatama», an object full of spiritual energy, with which we can discover the secrets that we intend to keep people, and these secrets will be in the form of «Psychocandados», spiritual locks in the hearts of people that unlocking them, will allow us to discover the secrets that we keep.

In addition, if in a part of the case we have made a mistake in something and therefore we have subtracted part of the bar, if we succeed in all the interrogation of the Psychocandados with the Magatama, we will recover part of the lost bar, giving us more opportunities to succeed later in the phases of the court and so on.

The soundtrack of this second installment, for my taste has slacked a lot…the song that sounds in the testimonies of the phases of the court for example, I did not like anything, but the «Cornered» if…in addition, there will be songs already heard in the first installment, so it does not add much new song.

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In a case in the third game, Trials and Tribulations, his car was revealed to be something of a crybaby who cares a lot about his girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne University. He wears a pink sweater with a heart in the middle and the letter «P» («Ryu» in the Japanese version) sewn on. She suffers from a cold during the case and wears a mask because of it.

His English name is a reference to the «Phoenix», the bird that rises from its own ashes, and a homonym in the word «right». His Japon surname is a retruecan in the phrase «naruhodo», meaning «See».

Performed by: () Tatsuro IwamotoAA1-AA3, AAI-AAI2), Eiji Takemoto (Promotional Material, PLvAA, AA5, PXZ2), Masashi Tamaki (anime) (Japanese); () Rey SeonAA1-3, AAI), Kyle Hebert (AA5),[4] (Mark HealyPLvAA ) (English).

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All the news about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice for 3DS, with all the information you expect. Release date, game details, information, screenshots, videos, technical features and DLCs.

Capcom brings us a new gallery of screenshots of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, the new episode of its saga of lawyers defending justice. In this sixth installment – not counting the crossover with Professor Layton – Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and their allies will have to face the most difficult investigations of their career…

There’s also more versatility in presenting evidence and examining/pressuring witnesses before the trial scenes, allowing this stage (usually the most monotonous and least fun) to gain in excitement and possibilities.

Capcom brings us a new gallery of screenshots of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, along with more details of the development of the cool lawyer’s new game, highlighting a bonus content for early buyers.

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The chronological beginning is in the third game, which presents a flashback to a case before Phoenix was a lawyer. Structurally, however, the saga begins when his best friend, Larry, is framed for murder and he must take the first steps in the courts of justice to defend him.

The game is composed of 4 or 5 cases, which although not closely related, will be intertwined throughout the story. Both the characters that appear and the situations in which they are involved change with respect to the cases that are happening and how they are resolved.

The game itself consists of being the defense attorney of a client and prove his innocence. To do so, you will have to examine different scenes, discover clues and put together the puzzle of the case and then go to court.

There it will be the turn of the witnesses to testify. The player will have to press them (that is when Phoenix shouts the popular «Objection!»), to obtain more information and discover if the things they say do not fit with what really happened or what was found in the different scenes.