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Ash Ketchum (サトシ Satoshi in Japanese) is the protagonist of the Pokémon anime. He has appeared in every episode since the first one, including all the movies. He has traveled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Thesselia, Kalos, Alola and Galar.

Ash is a Pokémon trainer who, along with his initial Pokémon Pikachu, obtained from Professor Oak in Paleta Village, is traveling through the regions of the Pokémon world with the goal of collecting the necessary gym medals to participate in and win a Pokémon League, and thus be one step closer to becoming a Pokémon master. Standing in his way are also antagonists like Team/Team Rocket, who are always out to catch Ash’s Pikachu to take to their boss.

His mother, Delia Ketchum, has also appeared several times in the anime, while his father is unknown, having never appeared in the anime, although he was mentioned in EP002 along with his grandfather1. It is known that his father is a Pokémon trainer like him, and is currently traveling just like Ash.

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SPOILER STYLE IN COMBAT: Be the center of attention with your holoatuendo! Thanks to a special technology that uses Æos energy, Trainers can dress their Pokémon in all kinds of holographic outfits – and the catalog will continue to grow! –

UNITE MOVES: Unleash the true power of your Pokémon with Unite Moves! Take advantage of these never-before-seen Pokémon moves, exclusive to Unite Battles, and tip the scales in your favor when you’re on the ropes. –

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In addition to the transformations, the Japanese publication reveals three new Pokémon, a Pikachu-like mouse named Dedenne who will be of the electric/fairy type. The one that looks like a rabbit is called Horubii and is of the normal type. The third one is the pre-evolution of Gogoat and is called Meekuru. Undoubtedly, these types of transformations will raise a stir among users. We will have to wait for the relevant statements from Game Freak explaining this novel inclusion.

I love pokemon, but don’t you think its essence was lost a little with this, surely they will privilege some poke if so all could have a mega form, trsite for some fans, I still believe that this is not the essence of pokemon and that they have invented a lot with this.

A few days ago a listing came out but taken as a rumor of Pokémon X/Yen which said that Mawile would have a transformation and that it would have a new type, also in the list also said that a new Pokémon very similar to Pikachu would be shown, a few days later that rumor was taken as False. Now, curiously, new information comes out saying that Mawile really has a transformation and that it will have a new type, including the new Pokémon that looks like Pikachu. There may be a chance that this list that came out a few days ago is true…

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This creature is one of the most awaited and coveted by fans of the game, since we can only get it during a certain time. Just like the rest of the events of each month, we have more options to capture it if we follow the right steps, and in this tutorial we tell you how you can get it.

It was first announced and introduced at the May Community Day event, which started on the 15th at 11:00 CEST.  During the event, Swablu, Altaria’s pre-evolution, appeared more frequently in the wild for six hours, in order to capture as many as possible to get hold of the evolution more easily. In addition, some lucky ones were able to capture them with Lunar Force. On the other hand, from Niantic they increased the chances of finding it shiny, which would also mean having a Mega Altaria variocolor.

Be that as it may, below we are going to give you some of the best options to finish Mega Altaria in raids. Keep in mind that some of them are also Mega Evolutions, so these won’t be easy to obtain either. These are the best ones, but there may be many more, as there are many more Pokémon of other types: