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Pokémon Iberia is conceived as a humorous mod. And this is noticeable from the very first moment, since the references and most of the dialogues are constantly made to amuse the player. It is precisely this fact that has led it to be considered a controversial game, due to its satirical tone, the use of black humor and the presence of characters that generate opinions as diverse as politicians of all kinds.

The references and modifications of Pokémon Iberia are almost innumerable, which is why the game has become so popular. From fried fish, to Mercadona, to Desatranques Jaén or the Valley of the Fallen, where the Iberia Pokémon League takes place.

Behind Eric Lostie is José Chumillas, a student of Computer Engineering from Alicante who, as he explains to BlueBBVA, is a regular forocochero and in fact explains that it all came about as a result of one of his threads.

Although the full final version has only been available for a few weeks, it has been updated repeatedly to correct various bugs. Eric Lostie maintains direct contact with the community through his Discord profile and regularly offers videos on his Twitch profile.

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We all love it when the community is able to create their own versions of different universes like Pokémon. Recently, the fan-made The End of Pokémon was released, which gave a twist to the story we know. Pokemon Iberia is a far cry from Adi Shankar’s short film. This fan-made title has only recently become available on PC and has not been as well received by everyone.

However, that gag has been replaced by another one. When we have to choose the gender of our character, we will be given three options: boy, girl or boyish. If we choose the third option, the teacher will scold us for playing with the language and we will have to choose again.

The second of the changes applied changes a line of dialogue we have with an «immigrant type» trainer in the Ruta Riojana. Eric has stated that at all times he has tried to include a friendly reference for each collective within the game. However, that was not the case with immigrant type coaches and so he wanted to apply this change in the dialogue.

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Albacete – Murcia – Granada – Seville – Gibraltar – Valencia – IbizaZaragoza – Barcelona – Pamplona – Valladolid – Bilbao – GijónSantiago de Compostela – Andorra – Mérida – Lisbon – MadridSalamanca – Ceuta – Melilla – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In the Iberia region, it has been discovered that many Pokémon have undergone moderate variations in their base stats. In addition, due to this, some Pokémon have also undergone changes in their levels and/or forms of evolution.

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An original game that is worth playing and that will make you laugh, although it needs several improvements: its installation on Android is a bit complex, it consumes a lot of additional resources and not all game modes are available.

Pokémon Iberia has different game modes (Nuzlocke, Seminuzlocke, Randomized…) that you can select depending on your level. However, in the Android version you can only select the Normal Mode, in which you can heal your Pokémon if they are weakened.

We can say that this original creation of EricLostie has caused a sensation among fans of the saga, but also some commotion. Its continuous satire and «excessive» use of black humor caused the developer himself to be forced to make changes in the face of devastating criticism on social networks.

2) Install the JoiPlay-1.01.61-release.apk and JoiPlayRPGMPlugin-1.00.72-release.apk files that you will find inside (do not open them yet). Remember that to install APK files you may need to authorize the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.