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OK. My channel is Gayplays by Minecr…. Wait. No. My channel is Gayplays in general, but I never play anything predefined. One day you’ll find horror games, another funny games, another indie games, etc. but I don’t only upload Gayplays! I’m more known for my «random» montages of GTA V, Skyrim (which I haven’t uploaded for ages), Garrys Mod, Games in 1 minute and much more!

WELL. My channel is Gameplays and Roblox … Wait. No. My channel is Gameplays in general, but I try to bring more ramdom stuff to my channel. Someday you will find horror games, another one with funny games, ETC , Games in 1 minute and much more!

Welcome to my channel! My channel is Gameplays, MLG (Gta, Call of Duty, Friday the 13th, CSGO, Minecraft, Clash Royale, Fortnite…) In short gameplays, mlg in general, but none in particular. One day you will find horror games, another one fun games, another one war games, etc. The most epic games of my life, the best game of Maimo 04. Tournaments and competitions…

Try not to laugh

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But it all started with his Skyrim game videos. One video, Skyrim – Flechipollas, was the straw that broke the camel’s back and then his channel grew sporadically, also thanks to his famous Chatroulette videos, until what is today ElrubiusOMG.

Ruben, Oli, Verkan and Flynn will have to face a new mission, this time in the real world, which is going to require the skill of each other to discover who the Realists are and what their real plans are.

In October 2017, Rubius announced the production of Virtual Hero [1] an anime TV series produced by Barcelona’s Motion Pictures Studio and South Korea’s Jaruyi Studio, together with Movistar+ and Zeppelin TV, based on his Virtual Hero comic. The plot will narrate the adventures of Rubius, who will have to free the hundred best gamers from Trollmask, a vengeful enemy, in a virtual world. The first part of season 1 is available from October 12, 2018 on Movistar+’s on-demand service.

Rubius plays visage

This is how ElRubius ‘dies’ of fear with Phasmophobia, the new game that is breaking him on TwitchPhasmophobia is the new game that is causing a furor among content creators who are immersing themselves in this title of terror and sometimes show themselves on the verge of heart attack.

Without going any further, one of the content creators who has fallen into this phenomenon is ElRubius, the well-known youtuber who discovered the game the hard way, with a scare in one of the first games that almost caused his heart to come out of his mouth:

A fun detail of Phasmophobia is that if you say swear words when you get scared or similar you will provoke these ghosts to get angry although, luckily, they are swear words in English that are difficult for us Spanish speakers to naturally slip out.

El rubius the joy of creation

«As you may well know, the words ‘Andorra’ and ‘Rubius’ have been trending topic for several days. For more than a week, opinions about my decision to move to another country have rained down without rest», begins his explanation. The youtuber denounces that almost all the news that have been published about his decision have been characterized by taking things out of context, «looking for the easy click and of course, the lack of contrast and truthful sources».

In his opinion, all this is part of the «accumulated resentment» against the new professions born from the Internet: «What eats away at most traditional media is that a guy from his room has more impact than any of their broadcasts for which they need to have 30-40 people working and use filming sets in which they have invested hundreds of thousands of euros».

To all this, El Rubius adds his indignation after seeing how «a prominent Treasury technician» -in reference to Carlos Cruzado, President of the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha)- has accused him these days in the media of showing «without concealment or complexes a tremendous lack of solidarity».