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The cube is at the bottom and in the center, to reach it easily you will have to create a block of ice. Once you have caught it with the magnet module take it to the right side and complete the figure so that it is the same as the one on the left side of the waterfall.

You must get there with a stone, there are several in the area, but you can’t carry it easily because you can’t walk in the mud. The easiest solution is for you to cut the trees on the bank to create a bridge with them so you can walk over with the stone in your hands.

Go up and use the magnet to lift the bucket and pull it to you. Now you can put it in place, look at the formation that is further north to see how to place it (just where you see it in the picture).

Open the big gate of the castle using the magnet module. Then advance with care of a flying guardian and climb the back wall (you can also use the power to rise, as you have to climb two floors).

There you will find on a balcony a grinder that will indicate that you are in the right place. You have to be careful with the guards that are around this area, if you haven’t defeated them before going up, they won’t stop shooting lightning at you in this position. You can destroy them from here using the perfect guard. Then you will have to shoot an arrow (of any kind) at a balloon with a target in the distance, towards the castle walls. It’s hard to see it, so look carefully and try to make it daytime. Also, it is very far away and it is difficult to calculate at what height to shoot the arrow, you will have to try several times to hit it.

Kolog seeds canyon tower

Anyway, when we already have a considerable amount of time, looking for the shrines becomes a little difficult, as well as the Kolog seeds, that’s why it always comes in handy a map of the game to show us all the shrines or points of interest.

As I said, there may be shrines that you see on the map but when you get to the indicated point you can’t find them. Maybe in this case you need to complete a test, but to avoid complications, it is better to find out how to complete or find the shrine.

If you got this far I will tell you my experience. I’m bored with several games, for example (no offense to anyone) I didn’t like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is also an open world, but Zelda I did like and I got caught from the beginning.

I’ve already faced Ganon once for going around looking for the memories, but I reloaded that game, searched for what I was missing and now I’m waiting to complete the game 100% to finish it.

The difficulty is not that high, but it is hard to get used to and understand how to dodge and fight. Anyway, this game is the one I’ve spent the most hours playing on the Switch, and it’s not like I like to play a lot.

Zelda villages map

Go to guide indexUpdate: With the downloadable content The Legendary Trials includes a mission that will allow us to find the Kolog mask, which will help us to identify these seeds.

To use these seeds we must find Obab, a huge kolog found between the path that leads from the Twin Peaks post to the Kakariko Village. After we give him several seeds and he expands our inventory, he will move to the Forest Post, and then from here he will move to the Kolog Forest, where he will reside permanently.

The cost of each additional space is exponential: the first space costs one seed, the second two, and from the third the cost increases more and more. You will need 441 seeds to unlock all the spaces in the saddlebag.

Although we only need 441 seeds to expand the inventory to the maximum, just in case you are a great adventurer and you are determined to find the location of the 900 seeds, we leave you an interactive map where you can locate them all, clicking on the Korok Seeds button also, it is a very interesting map, where you can also find other collectibles:

Breath of the wild progress tracker

When the Zelda saga is mentioned, all of us have fond memories and pleasant experiences in our minds. Some players have been around since the beginning of the series, others started later, or took a break from the franchise. But one thing we all agree on. The Legend of Zelda is and will be one of the best sagas for the gaming community.

These Kolog seeds are used to improve our saddlebag, thus increasing the amount of weapons, shields and items we can carry, something that never hurts. Thanks to this bug, players will be able to take advantage of this extra space sooner, being able to carry a larger amount of items without having to go to the nearest merchant to make room.

To get these seeds through this bug, a series of steps must be completed. The first of them, complete the mini-game «Equestrian Archery», but before the end of the test, we will have to jump off the horse and capture a wild one. Without getting off this new horse we will travel to Torre del Lago. From there, move to Naagha Sanctuary and then go to the tree on the island indicated and jump to find the Kolog seed that is at the top.